Expect to Be a Successful Writer

As a communications professional, I am an avid writer – truly passionate about the word. Although I now spend most of my writing hours working on corporate-style projects, I still maintain the hope that one of my manuscripts will finally find favour with a commercial publisher.

To keep my dream alive, I subscribe to a literary agent named Janet Reid who sends weekly blog posts to people like me. That is, someone who writes for the sheer joy of it, while still clinging to the hope of creating a commercially successful book. While most of her posts discuss ways to write the perfect query letter – something that is an art in, and of itself – her latest post offered inspiration.

I want to share her quote because it so clearly describes the need for writers to stay hopeful, despite the publishing industry’s almost impassable barriers to first-time novelists.

As a writer, you must be determined to be the exception to any statistic that says you will fail. You must be willing to see that bleak truth, and refuse to let it apply to you.  There’s a lot to be said for vision and tenacity as keys to success.

Don’t focus on statistics right now. Focus on your writing.


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Make Time to Be Alone

Turn off the screen. Breathe. Empty your mind. Breathe. Wait and see what happens. Breathe.  Let nothing happen. And be fine with that.

Be alone

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Why I Haven’t Blogged

Ah, it’s been a while since I posted something on this blog and I feel the need to explain myself because, after all, is there anything worse than visiting a website’s blog and noticing that NOTHING has been published in months? The reasons for my inactivity are valid, however.

I started working full-time as a communications manager at the Oakville Chamber of Commerce shortly after my last post. As a result, my level of commitment to updating blogs, writing freelance, and editing my novel has dwindled significantly. And, have I ever mentioned I have three sons who seem to require an excessive amount of my energy as well? There… now that I’ve shared all my excuses I can move on to what I can do for you (if you’re still interested in hiring me.)

Working at the Oakville Chamber has significantly increased my communications portfolio and expertise. Here is a sample of what I’ve been up to over the past six months:

  • Written a script for a Stagg Chili commercial (this was not related to my work at the Oakville Chamber)
  • Written and had published many articles in The Oakville Beaver and the Oakville Voice
  • Manage the design, layout, and write/edit content for the Chamber’s bi-monthly magazine The Business Advocate
  • Managed two Mayoral Debates open to the residents of the Town of Oakville that were subsequently filmed by TVCogeco
  • Design and create content for event flyers and email blasts on a weekly basis
  • Update and measure performance of all social media outlets for the Chamber including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Managed the design and content for two “false fronts” for the local paper, The Oakville Beaver to publicize our events featuring Peter Mansbridge and Jim Treliving
  • Have developed strong professional relationships with the local media, particularly the local paper which features the Chamber almost weekly in the newspaper (including many front page stories).

In addition to the above, I continue to offer freelance services in web design, article writing, and anything else communications related. So, please send an email if you’d like to work with me!

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Fresh and Clean Web Design for Toronto Business Coach

I’ve just completed the design of a wordpress-based website for a client that I’m quite proud of. Mark Fornasiero is a business coach based out of Oakville, Ontario (serving clients across the GTA) and asked for a professional uncluttered website that could showcase his services in a clean, yet friendly design with easy-to-follow navigation. Using the WordPress Customizr theme as a starting point, I was able to develop this contemporary design.

The key to creating this site was allowing for a generous amount of white space with just the right amount of accent colours. The client chose green and orange, which turned out beautifully. Eye-catching without being a distraction.

website designed by creativewrites.ca

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